Unexpected effects from macadamia nuts

1. Cardiovascular protection

The kernel of mackerel has an oil content of up to 78%, higher than peanut (44.8%), kernel (47%) ... In oily fish oil contains more than 87% unsaturated fatty acids, which the human body does not synthesize. 
When eaten in reducing cholesterol, is effective in treating fibromyalgia. The protein content in the nucleus is up to 9.2%, including 20 kinds of amino acids, including 8 kinds of essential amino acids for the human body.
It also contains an amino acid called arginine - which helps the blood vessel walls. The antioxidants in sherbet also bring a lot of benefits to your cardiovascular system. Seeds are recommended by the Australian Heart Foundation.

2. Good for pregnant women and children
In the case of many minerals, many vitamins, Omega-3 ... very beneficial for pregnant women and children. Flaxseed oil helps to provide an abundant source of energy with twice as much calories as other nuts.
Pregnant mothers who eat these fruits will help to enrich their diets and contribute to the energy of the fetus. Seeds are good for children. Teaching and nurturing are the best things you can do for your children.
Eating habits, knowledge and choice of food from a young age will be carried by them until adulthood. Snacks are especially important for young children so it is important for your child to eat nutritious foods.
Teach your child to pick peanuts. It contains a variety of healthy oils, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, tasty and handy so it is the ideal food for active babies.
Have your child eat nuts after school, while on a picnic and on weekends.

3. Provide energy, reduce fat, suitable for diet

As recommended, nuts are recommended as part of most diets. If you want to actually burn fat, you must reduce the carbohydrate content in your diet. Peanuts are a good choice for low carbohydrate diets. 
Jaguar is considered one of the nuts that helps women to snack on their diet. Many studies have shown that diets containing moderate amounts of fats promote fuller, longer lasting and more appetite. On the other hand, low fat diets are less satisfying and more difficult to maintain.
The moderate use of nuts, replaced by other foods that show that they do not cause you to gain weight, but vice versa also help you lose weight.

4. Good for people with diabetes, high blood sugar.

Blood glucose (GI) index is a scientific classification of foods based on their immediate effect on blood glucose levels. Pea pods are classified as foods with low GI content. 
Nodules cause prolonged feeling of fullness, thereby reducing the feeling of hunger. It also slows down the digestive process with low blood glucose levels.
Protein, fiber and fats in chickpea help stabilize blood sugar to avoid feeling cravings. 5. Adding dietary fiber Fiber is a term for carbohydrates that are resistant to digestive enzymes in the stomach and thus passage into the digestive tract, where they promote the desired gut bacteria and beneficial physiological processes. The fiber found in macaroni is basically the inner cell wall of the core, 100g of the tea tree provides 8.6g or 23% of the recommended daily intake of fiber. 6. Food value

The shell is rich in tannins and proteins, used for tanning and for animal feed processing. The main ingredient of the dace is the kernel - which ranks among the highest in the Western grain "grain store".
Peach is fat, sweet, crispy, neutralizing seasoning makes the dishes more bold, often used to eat raw, boiled or fried. Long-time cocaine has been brought to the table of wealthy families or luxury banquet.
Peanut butter after roasting, very tasty, with the taste of butter, is a high-grade food, delicious, tonic, rich in fat, rich in heat, used to process buns, chocolate, water Drinks, salat oil ... contribute to create new flavor and add value to the dish.

7. Skin beauty benefits
In addition to the great contributions in culinary, cocoa is a high-end beauty products. Carabao oil is very popular in the skin care field.
Highly recommended because it contains about 22% of the palmitoleic omega-7 fatty acids, the oil is an alternative to mink weed - one of the "herbs" for women's skin.

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